When processing stone or mine resources, a large amount of dust is generated, the pollution to the environment is quite large, and the health hazard to humans is also great, so the user must solve the problem of a large amount of dust generated in the stone production line. Processing.

The crusher mainly performs crushing operations on various types of stone materials. According to the principle of crushing and the particle size of the product, it is divided into many models. Crusher is widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors.

Commonly used crushing machines include jaw crusher , impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ring hammer crusher , hammer crusher, roller crusher, composite crusher, cone type Crusher, double crusher, rotary crusher, mobile crusher, etc.

We can solve the environmental pollution and the health of workers in the production line from the following aspects.

1. The dust at the corner of the belt conveyor is restricted by the site conditions. The chute and the dust cover cannot be changed. The dust removal process is arranged in such a way that the dust cover is in a state of micro-negative pressure to eliminate the dust of the belt conveyor.

2. Strengthen the management of dust removal equipment , regularly check the airtight cover, and find problems in a timely manner. Implement target management assessment on the dust emission of the post environment and bag filter, regularly conduct dust monitoring, use economic leverage to mobilize the work enthusiasm of the post personnel, improve the maintenance level of the dust removal equipment, and minimize dust pollution.

3. Improve the process layout of the bag filter, arrange the dust collector of the crusher according to the direction of the belt conveyor; convert the standard ash bucket of the bag filter into a double ash bucket structure, thus canceling one screw conveyor, Raising the bag filter is beneficial to the arrangement of the air inlet pipe (the angle of the air duct is large); the air inlet box is arranged at the air inlet, so that the dust of the crusher discharge port directly enters the air inlet box of the dust collector, thereby saving the elbow. Reduced system resistance and improved dust collection efficiency. The ash bucket lock wind adopts a single-layer flap valve, which eliminates the grid wheel feeder and its motor, reduces secondary dust and improves dust removal effect.

After the improvement, the degree of pollution of the crusher in the production line is relatively reduced, in addition to the maintenance of the equipment is also very important.

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