Located in the cold place of Heilongjiang in the spring of -35 °C, the Leiwo FR480E excavator and the mountains and sands are in the air, flying sand and walking between the stones, hiding the engine and hydraulic system in the cool body machine in the thunderous operation, full of skill , calm and self-contained...

In the face of the test of the heat, the Revo FR480E excavator is not inferior. In a steel factory in Shanxi, filled with high temperature, high dust, high humidity 70 ° C operating environment, the Revo FR480E works normally for more than 7000 hours...

In a large open-pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia, 25 Leiwo FR480E battles at the same time, forming a spectacular scene of an excavator. It is this steel division who has achieved an average of 1200 hours of trouble-free work...

Revo FR480E excavator powerful gene fearless cold and hot

Why does the Revo FR480E have such excellent product performance? Let's get closer to this Revo star product and interpret the powerful genes behind the Revo FR480E.

The Revo FR480E is one of the representatives of the Lovol Construction Machinery Group's large-tonnage excavator. It is a large-scale excavator product developed under the HIPDP product creation process and developed by 12 Japanese experts. The team is a system expert in senior hydraulics, power, electrical control, thermal balance, NVH, quality management. After the launch of the Lovol FR480E excavator, it faced different harsh mining conditions in the country, which fully demonstrated the FR480E's intelligent, reliable, efficient and energy-saving product features.

Revo FR480E excavator powerful gene fearless cold and hot

high quality

The sophisticated high-end product configuration determines the superior quality performance of the Revo FR480E. It uses the imported Cummins III engine from the United States, equipped with the Japanese Kawasaki hydraulic system, and enhanced the LC-type mining chassis, bucket and working device to make it more productive. explosive force. At the same time, the Revo FR480E realizes a positive flow hydraulic system, which improves the response speed of the equipment and makes the operation more friendly and convenient. Through testing, this equipment is more powerful, the system pressure is 9% higher than competing products, and the cylinder diameter is 5mm wide, which further enhances the working power and durability of the product.

Revo FR480E excavator powerful gene fearless cold and hot


High efficiency does not mean high energy consumption. The Lovol FR480E has also made breakthroughs in energy saving and environmental protection. It adopts variable back pressure and independent cold ground circuit technology, coupled with a unique PT fuel system, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption index and the mine economy. The fuel consumption of the gear can be saved by 10% compared with other brands, and the electronically controlled positive flow technology is adopted, which makes the handling more convenient, the response speed is faster, and the efficiency is higher. At the same time, for different working conditions, the engine and the main pump can be matched in real time, which can not only exert the maximum efficiency of the machine, but also realize the environmental protection requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. With the four-stage filter, it enhances the product's adaptability to oil, and its reliable performance has the advantages of environmental protection and low energy consumption. Once the product is launched, it has been widely recognized and praised by users.

Revo FR480E excavator powerful gene fearless cold and hot


At the same time, the Revo FR480E actively integrates intelligent design, and uses the Revo T-box intelligent terminal to collect data such as vehicle geographic location and working parameters, and transmit it to the Lovol monitoring platform through the wireless network to complete remote management of the vehicle. The storage and analysis of the returned data realizes the real-time monitoring of the whole system and the instant display of the service data, instantly discovers the vehicle fault information and prompts the warning and alarm, and can also query the historical fault information, so that the maintenance personnel can timely and accurately determine the pathology of the equipment. Reduce maintenance time, save maintenance costs, improve equipment efficiency, and provide value-added services for each role in the value chain.

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