Industrial background

Among many repair technologies, heavy metal stabilization technology has been widely used both at home and abroad due to its remarkable repair effect, simple construction process, short construction period, and reasonable repair cost. At present, there are basic stabilization technologies mainly based on pH adjustment in domestic heavy metal stabilization technologies, and there are also technologies based on the stabilization of sulfur radicals, as well as some formula products introduced abroad and domestically developed composite products. MetaFixTM Stabilization Technology is a compound formula product that takes full account of the characteristics of China's heavy metal pollution and long-term, environmental friendly and economical repairs.

Technical Overview

MetaFixTM stabilization mechanism relies on the formation of extremely insoluble and stable precipitates of heavy metals and various iron and sulfur minerals. It is a chemical process that does not depend on microbial activity, and is therefore insensitive to heavy metal toxicity, soil physical and chemical properties, and has wide applicability. . MetaFixTM has excellent stabilizing effect on common or combined pollution of eight kinds of common heavy metals, and the leaching toxicity of contaminated soil can be reduced by ≥ 2-3 orders of magnitude through low pharmacy dosing ratio, and a variety of leaching methods can significantly reduce leaching. Toxicity, to ensure stable economic recovery, to achieve stable recovery goals.

Technical advantages

(1) The stabilization mechanism is a chemical process that does not depend on microbial activity and has wide applicability;

(2) Environment-friendly, the main components are natural minerals or raw materials, safe and non-toxic, and can be used for farmland restoration;

(3) The stabilization effect does not depend on pH adjustment, and the stabilization mechanism is achieved and maintained in the neutral pH range;

(4) Multi-formulation compound products can be selected and optimized for specific sites;

(5) The medium and long-term stabilization effect of verification is rarely precipitated again under acidic conditions;

(6) Low dosage, minimized volume expansion and better sustainability.

Scope of application

MetaFixTM heavy metal stabilization technology has a good stabilizing effect on the common eight heavy metals, ie, single or combined pollution of arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium, copper, zinc, nickel, and mercury, which can be achieved through a very low dosage ratio. The leaching toxicity of contaminants is reduced by ≥ 2-3 orders of magnitude. No matter which leaching method is used, the leaching toxicity can be significantly reduced, and the stabilizing target can be achieved on the premise of economic guarantee.

Identification assessment

In 2017, it was awarded the title of "Top 100 Green Technology International Smart Exchange Platform Technologies"; The predecessor EHC-M/Daramend-M entered the 2014 National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technologies Directory (the first batch).


A history of the accumulation of chromium residue in the field of contaminated soil remediation project. After the MetaFixTM heavy metal stabilization technology (2.5% dosage), the hexavalent chromium concentration dropped below the repair target, and the stabilization effect reached 99.95%. MetaFixTM is not only effective for stabilizing hexavalent chromium, but also has a good stabilizing effect on various heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, zinc, lead, etc. Different leaching methods can achieve the target of remediation. The site uses MetaFix. Stabilization technology repair is feasible and effective.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh

Material: Aluminum plate, Thin low carbon steel plate, Stainless steel boards, AL-Mg alloy plate, Copper plate, Nickel plate.

Weaving Type: It is punched to mesh, according to the hole shape, it is divided into diamond, square, round, triangle, scale hole.

Features: skid resistance, wear resistance, high intensity, heavy load, high temperature resistance, strong and wear-resisting, artistic and tasteful etc.

Applications: Widely used in the construction of highway, railways, civil architecture, hydraulic engineering, and various machinery, electrical appliances, window protection and aquaculture, etc.

Middle expanded metal

Middle Expanded Metal

Heavy expanded metal

Heavy Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Mesh Demo1

Expanded Metal Mesh Demo2

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