On January 25, the 7th China Energy Enterprise Informatization Conference hosted by the China Information Association was held in Chengdu. As the leading SaaS product in China, WeChat of the company was invited to participate in this conference and was awarded the “2017 China Energy Enterprise Informatization Product Innovation Award”. At the conference, corporate WeChat and other world-renowned information technology companies, scientific research institutions, and media jointly summarized the development path of corporate informationization in 2017, and looked forward to the information technology development trend and vision of energy companies in the new era.

In the process of enterprise informationization, mobilization and cloudization have become irreversible trends. How to better empower enterprise users? WeChat has chosen a comprehensive service provider. Tencent has always emphasized "openness" and "half life is handed over to partners". Wechat also follows this principle, persists in opening up and empowers service providers to unleash their professional wisdom and bring more energy to enterprise users. "Exclusive Connector".

Continuing to force technological innovation to create a more open platform for service providers

2018 will be a period of rapid growth for corporate WeChat to create an open SaaS social platform. In particular, service providers will give two “four-piece” support policies in multiple aspects such as technical funds.

The first "four-piece package", the company WeChat will open access to interfaces, plug-ins, proprietary versions and hardware access to four capabilities to help partners continue to innovate more valuable products. So far, WeChat has opened more than 130 API interfaces, at the same time opening up registration and customization capabilities and access to open hardware devices, etc.; the second “four-piece” means that enterprises WeChat will recommend through quality applications. Supportive measures such as WeChat Academy, 100 million yuan financial support, and product joint promotion have enabled more and more partners to exert greater energy in the WeChat ecosystem and jointly create an open and prosperous industry ecosystem.

The openness of corporate WeChat allows deep integration of corporate WeChat and service provider products, allowing service providers to focus on segmenting industries and services, focusing more on the application itself, eliminating the need to consider multi-terminal adaptation, underlying information security, and IM communication capabilities. Technical thresholds to better meet the diverse needs of different corporate customers.

Interconnect with WeChat enterprise-specific connector to enhance "connection" function

In the WeChat Open class Pro, Zhang Xiaolong revealed that WeChat is making efforts to realize the message exchange between WeChat and the company WeChat. The realization of this function will make the application of employees more lightweight, internal and external communication more efficient, internal management of enterprises more flexible, companies can more accurately through WeChat and corporate WeChat open information channels, mining market information, marketing Activities are more accurate and timely.

Enterprise WeChat is an extension of WeChat's ecosystem, adhering to the operating experience consistent with WeChat, and at the same time, it can more easily connect WeChat payment, connect applets, connect public accounts, and add Wechat plugins to build a more open and complete enterprise-level service ecosystem. . In terms of empowerment, the company's WeChat first implements front-end integration, integrates various types of enterprise applications, and allows corporate administrators to use a company’s WeChat platform to manage the information in a centralized manner. Secondly, the company implements the organizational structure and employee information in the background. Synchronization, no need to repeat the settings in the background of the various applications, this can really improve the efficiency of internal and external corporate connections.

In the future, WeChat will continue to adhere to the open empowerment strategy and implement the full opening of “providing traffic and basic communication modules to allow service providers to take charge of specific service scenarios”, which will further improve and deepen the SaaS market.

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