Banana is a typical tropical fruit and has certain requirements for climatic conditions. As a rooted plant, the growth of bananas cannot be separated from the support of the soil. The delicate root group of bananas, the strict choice of soil, poorly ventilated poorly viscous soil, or poor drainage are all extremely detrimental to the development of the root system. In addition, if the soil acidity is not up to standard, it will also seriously affect the bananas. Grow. Therefore, in the actual management of banana planting, the use of soil acidity meter to adjust the pH of banana planting soil has become one of the effective means to ensure the safe growth of bananas and improve the planting yield and quality.

Soil pH meter

Research shows that if there is acidification in banana planting soil, then the growth of banana plants is extremely unfavorable. Even if the supply of fertilizer and water is very sufficient, it is difficult to promote the normal growth of bananas, and even lead to premature drying of the banana leaves, affecting banana leaf protection, The roots died and even rotted. Therefore, if soil acidification is not taken seriously, it will certainly become a major problem affecting banana planting. The soil acidity meter is a professional instrument for determining the pH of soil. Using the instrument to regulate and improve the pH of the soil and maintain a suitable pH value can effectively solve the problem of soil acidification and provide a healthy soil environment for the development of the banana industry.

Studies have shown that many bananas in the pH environment of the pH value of 4.5-7.5 soil suitable for 6.0 is the best, because the soil pH value below 5.5 in the soil Fusarium will rapidly reproduce, causing yellow leaf disease is easy to infringement. Therefore, in the process of banana planting and management, we only need to use the soil acidity meter to strengthen the measurement of soil acidity and alkalinity according to the demand characteristics of planting varieties, pay more attention to the change of soil pH, and take effective measures to control it in time according to the actual measurement results. Therefore, soil acidification can be avoided, and the banana crop can be grown in a suitable soil pH environment to achieve the goal of increasing production and efficiency. Therefore, it can be said that the use of a soil acidity meter to quickly and reliably measure soil pH is an indispensable part of modern agricultural production. section.

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