The swing gate is commonly referred to as flapping gate in the rail transit industry. The shape of the blocker (bump pendulum) is a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, and it is blocked and released by rotation and oscillation. The material of the blocker is commonly used in stainless steel, plexiglass, tempered glass, and some also use metal plates to outsource special flexible materials (reducing the impact of pedestrians).

The advantages of the swing gate
1. There is no mechanical bump in the gate swing work and the noise is relatively small.
2. Compared with the tripod gate, the bridge-type swing gate has added a pedestrian detection module, which can effectively detect the traffic policy and prevent it from being strong.
3, the width of the channel is the largest of all the gates, generally between 550mm-1000mm, some high-end products can do 1500mm, more suitable for passing pedestrians or bicycles with baggage can also be used for action Inconvenience dedicated channel.
4. Appearance shape plasticity is the strongest among all the gates, and the information of the blocker is abundant, the shape of the box is also diversified, and it is easy to plan a very beautiful shape, so it is commonly used in office buildings, intelligent buildings, clubs and other high-end occasions. .

The disadvantage of the swing gate
1. The skill requirements of the manufacturers are relatively high. If the plans are not good, the reliability of the products will be greatly reduced, and the ability to prevent personal injury will be reduced.
2, some models can be lack of waterproof and dustproof, only suitable for indoor, environmental adaptability can not have strong triple roller gate.
3, the higher cost, especially for some special custom models, such as increasing the width of the channel, the use of special data gate swing, the difficulty of the skills will be added a lot.
4. The restriction of the blocked body shape, the anti-collision resistance of the swing gate is lower than that of the three-roll gate, and the illegal and fast passage of the pedestrian is easy to damage the swing pendulum and the movement.

Adjustable Control Arm

Suspension system is an important part of modern automobile, which has great influence on the ride comfort and handling stability of automobile.

As the guiding and force transmitting component of automobile suspension system, the control arm transfers various forces acting on the wheels to the vehicle body, and ensures that the wheels move according to a certain trajectory. The vehicle control arm connects the wheel and the vehicle body elastically through the ball hinge or bushing respectively. The automobile control arm (including the Bush and ball joint connected with it) should have enough rigidity, strength and service life.

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