One year, the car company is a little annoying

All said that the new year began. Everyone hopes to make it smooth and good luck. However, there are a few OEMs who are actually "somewhat bad at the beginning" and have caused some trouble. Text / Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Deng Li

Tesla: Model S and Model 3 both hit

[Focus] Although Tesla is currently a "benchmark" company for pure electric rims, its "smartness" of the Autopilot Autopilot Assist System has been questioned. Recently, another series of explosions occurred. Each user had hit the Model S and Model 3 while using Autopilot!

On January 22nd, when a Tesla Model S opened the Autopilot Autopilot Assist System, the “self” and a fire engine had a rear-end collision in the United States, and the front of the vehicle almost completely destroyed. Then, also in the United States, a Tesla Model 3 crashed into a traffic light when using the Autopilot Autopilot Assist System, which had a serious depression in the front of the vehicle. Tesla has long been proud of its purely electric drive and Autopilot's autopilot technology. In particular, Autopilot integrates advanced cruise control and automatic steering, allowing drivers to release the steering wheel in both hands under certain conditions, but Tesla also emphasizes the user. When using this feature, you should pay attention to the security situation in front of you.

[Progress] Tesla currently only stated in a statement that the Autopilot feature can be enabled only when the driver is fully focused, and that the company has been educating the owner and asking them to use both hands when using the function. Must be on the steering wheel and ready to take over the vehicle.

Car world reviews: In fact, Tesla only need to check the traffic record information, you can judge in the end is not Autopilot trouble. But Tesla certainly did not want to be beaten. It can only be said that the steering wheel is still relatively safe in its own hands, and the current auto-pilot does not mature into the safer stage.

Dongfeng Honda: Increased motor oil for no reason

[Focus] Everyone knows that Dongfeng Honda's new CR-V is a popular chicken and has been very popular. However, this car has recently been complained by consumers because of the “increased oil no reason.” The owners of the northern region have constantly assembled local 4S stores. Discuss. It is reported that the problem of “excessive oil consumption” mainly appeared on the 2017 CR-V models that were just listed last year, and some Civic owners reported similar situations.

In response, Dongfeng Honda said in a communication meeting held on January 20th that preliminary investigations related to temperature did not affect the use of vehicles. Sagawa, Director of Quality Management Department of Dongfeng Honda, stated that there is a certain relationship between the increase in engine oil level and temperature, and the oil changes that occur due to the oil temperature will increase in the winter and decrease in the summer. It is not a deterioration phenomenon from the whole year. He stressed that this situation will not have any impact on the use of vehicles, and many engines on the market will have similar conditions, not just turbocharged engines. Dongfeng Honda suggested that the majority of vehicle owners have no problem adding 30 millimeters to the upper limit of the oil dipstick, and once they exceed it, they must change their oil.

[Progress] To eliminate customer doubts, Dongfeng Honda will provide customers with free oil replacement, and further study permanent measures. Specific solutions will be given before the Spring Festival this year, and will be formally responded again. At the same time, Dongfeng Honda’s response to this issue did not mention recalls.

Car world reviews: Although Dongfeng Honda has repeatedly stressed that "is not a quality problem, will not cause engine damage," but this has caused a certain degree of brand reputation. The appeasement of Dongfeng Honda is only a “drinking and quenching thirst” for the owners of the north, and further explanations are needed from the government. It is hoped that Dongfeng Honda can earnestly research and test, draw conclusions and solutions as soon as possible, and give a satisfactory explanation to the majority of owners and fans.

Fortunately, for the owners of the south of Anhui, this time is not involved, the main problem is in the cold north.

FAW-Volkswagen: Escalation of "Isolation Door" incident

[Focus] Previously, FAW-Volkswagen has officially announced the complete replacement of new and improved soundproofing materials, but recently there are consumers who will be reported to court by FAW-Volkswagen for legal liability. The consumer stated that FAW-Volkswagen uses asphalt as a soundproof material for cars and seriously damages the health of consumers. The replacement of sound insulation materials does not exempt their legal responsibilities.

[Progress] In response to this problem, the official from FAW-Volkswagen once explained that in the process of producing the rubber layer of the sound insulation mat in the vehicle, the formula proportion was too low to result in insufficient durability of the rubber layer, and the vehicle was partially activated, especially under high temperature conditions. Vehicles produce more serious odors. As of the time of writing, the court did not have a verdict.

Car world commented: Reviewing the recall incident of the past year, because the vehicle problems caused by design and production defects are not uncommon in the automotive industry, it is important that the car company's attitude to solve the problem and subsequent compensation for owners and improvement work is in place, future products Manufacturing should also avoid similar problems.

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