According to the security needs of the visiting people on the market, the Desheng visitor system has exploded in recent days: the public network blacklist verification system has been opened for application. The system was developed based on ID identification technology and the public database database for high-risk personnel. It is convenient for the identification and verification of residential cards, hotels, and recruitment agencies. It is a set of safety inspection and protection systems for screening visitors. It is easy to operate and highly efficient. It brings great convenience to security personnel and guarantees visits. Safety.

First, identify the authenticity of identity cards, refuse to false
Simply swipe the ID card on the guest machine to read the front and back information of the certificate, identify the authenticity of the ID card, and relentlessly reveal the true features of the card.
Second, statistics, public upload
The Tecsun visitor blacklist verification system satisfies the diversification of the operating environment and has functions such as public network upload, data statistics, and blacklist warning. It can seamlessly connect with the bad staff storehouse of the Guangdong Provincial Public Hall and realize the linkage 110 warning.
Third, the first SMS alert blacklist personnel, high-risk elements "self-investment network"
Once a high-risk molecule visits, as long as the ID card is swiped, the security personnel will be notified by SMS at the first time, and the security will quickly send out the police. The social dangerous elements will “self-report”.
The Tecsun visitor blacklist verification system is simple in operation, powerful in performance, simple and efficient, and is a combination of “human defense + technical protection”. It is a small security expert for all walks of life.

Mode Locked Laser

Mode locked series lasers are features of superior beam quality, best reliability, and the pulsed duration of mode-locked and picosecond Pulsed Laser could be less than 20 ps. Housed in compact packages, they are the perfect choice for design in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems and also for end user applications in research and development. They are widely used in raman spectroscopy marking, carving, material processing astronomy and scientific research optical instrument.

mode locked laser.

mode locked lasers

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