First, the ground is broken and leached

Situ underground mining LEACHING metal deposit, crushed ore body in situ ore blocks to a predetermined rational use of blasting method, so as to generate in situ a fine fissures, fragmentation uniform, gradation and permeability A good ore heap, then leaching the leaching solution from the upper part of the heap, selectively leaching the valuable metals in the ore, collecting the leached solution and transferring it to the ground for processing and recovering the metal. After the immersion, the tailings retaining site is sealed in place. Dispose of.

Leaching mines have less investment than conventional mine infrastructure, short construction period and low production cost, which is conducive to the realization of mine mechanization and automation, and is conducive to environmental protection in mining areas. Therefore, this method has great application prospects and is widely used in foreign countries. China has also carried out research and application of uranium , copper and other metal deposits, and achieved good results.

Second, in-situ drilling and leaching mining method

It is characterized in that the ore is in a natural state of existence, and without any displacement, a leaching solution is injected into the ore layer through a drilling project to make contact with a useful component in the heterogeneous ore for chemical reaction. The soluble compound formed by the reaction leaves the chemical reaction zone by diffusion and convection, enters the liquid stream infiltrated along the ore layer, and is collected into a leachate (mother liquor) containing a certain concentration of useful components, and moves in a certain direction, and then drilled by liquid extraction. It is pumped to the surface water metallurgical workshop for processing and extraction of leached metal.

Underground in-situ drilling and leaching mining methods are subject to harsh conditions and are generally required to meet:

1. The ore body has natural permeability, the production is flat, continuous and stable, and has a certain scale;

2. The ore body is present in the aquifer, and the ratio of the thickness of the ore layer to the thickness of the aquifer is not less than 1:10. The permeability of the surrounding rock of the bottom or top and bottom plates is impervious or the permeability of the surrounding rock of the top and bottom plates is much lower than that of the ore body. Permeability. There shall be no water-conducting faults, underground dissolved shoals, dark rivers, etc. within the scope of leaching minerals;

3. The target metal mineral is easily soluble in the leaching agent and the surrounding rock minerals are insoluble in the leaching agent. For example, the copper oxide ore and the secondary hexavalent uranium are easily soluble in dilute sulfuric acid, and the surrounding rock mineral quartz and silicate Minerals are insoluble in dilute sulfuric acid, and the two minerals are beneficial for leaching.

Due to the harsh conditions, the underground in-situ drilling method is only used in the loose sandstone uranium deposits at home and abroad. This loose sandstone uranium deposit usually occurs in the interlayer aquifer of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic geological background of the gravity basin. The ore-bearing lithology is sandstone, and the ore structure is loose. The secondary hexavalent uranium is more easily leached by acid and cesium, and is suitable for underground in-situ drilling and leaching.

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