According to statistics, in the first half of this year, domestic passenger car sales were 5.29 million, an increase of 46% year-on-year, of which luxury cars sold 310,000, an increase of 92% year-on-year, and the growth rate was twice that of the passenger car market.

The luxury car market has been advancing with enthusiasm not only for BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, but also for Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Subaru, Infiniti, and even MINI. These luxury brands that were once considered as niche brands have risen collectively. It says that half of the country is being seized, but more and more "shadows" on the street have caused people to lament that the domestic luxury car market is undergoing a new round of booming lands.

It's like a crush on a limited edition LV

Land Rover and MINI become popular products for pursuing quality of life

“Who said that Land Rover is a small minority, which may have been the case before, but at least in the first half of this year, Land Rover can definitely count one of the best-selling SUV models.” The reporter’s voice has not yet been settled. This is just over a year old. The deputy general manager of Huitong Luhua made an “inaccurate” reference to “correction”. Zhao Xuefei, should be regarded as the youngest veteran dealer in Chengdu auto market. As a fashion young woman after 80 years, she was recognized by the owner of Huitong Luhua Group. In the second half of last year, Zhao Xuefei transferred from Chengdu Huitong Luhua Group headquarters to Chengdu.

And at the same period of last year, Chengdu Huitong Luhua’s 4S shop began to buzz up, and this year it is even more out of control.

“Because Land Rover is an imported car and has a certain uniqueness, it used to be a lover's choice before. However, sales figures in the first half of this year show that sales in the Sichuan region have more than doubled.” So, Zhao Xuefei has the quiz “questioning” The "minority" mentioned by the reporter earlier.

In May, Chengdu Huitong Luhua 4S shop began to be renovated. During this period, sales were completely carried out in a small tent built next to the 4S shop. “There is absolutely no impact on sales. Wait until the next year or so until there are still many people rushing to pay the money.” Zhao Xuefei’s office is on the second floor of the 4S store and is going through the sales hall on the first floor every day. “Obviously this year’s arrivals are more than the same period last year.” A lot more.” In Zhao Xuefei’s view, more and more car owners like Land Rover, the current owners are more and more concerned about the quality of life, like personal things, including Volvo, BMW M, Mercedes-Benz AMG are relatively small before The public models, "When people realize that cars are no longer a means of transport, they will like the limited edition LV, the pursuit of niche models."

To be personal, MINI is definitely a leader in the automotive world. Zhongyuan Yingbao MINI manager Cheng Yuan may not even think of at the beginning of the year, even in the off-season in July, MINI can also exceed the monthly plan. "In the past month, more than 10 units were sold. In the first half of this year, more than 40 units can be sold every month." This achievement makes Cheng Yuan's elder sister--the Chongqing 4S store manager's envy. At the MINI store, each time a MINI is handed over, Cheng Yuan will let the seller leave a photo for the owner and the car MINI. “Each MINI is not exactly the same, and it is increasingly pursuing uniqueness. It may be more. One of the reasons why more and more people like MINI."

In Chengdu, when you park and wait for a red light, a MINI on the left and a Land Rover on the back are not unlikely to happen. Niche, as people become pursuing personality and quality, is hailed.

On the fire

Niche models mass marketing promotion

The niche is not just because there are few people who consume. More importantly, it did not attract people's attention.

Perhaps before the end of last year, you rarely saw advertisements for Volvo, Land Rover Jaguar, MINI, BMW M, and Mercedes-Benz AMG on the mass media. Their presence will only appear in some fashion or professional car magazines. Today, Volvo S80L World Edition, MINI series promotion, Hamilton brand advertising for Mercedes-Benz is not uncommon in major newspapers. When people watch gossip entertainment, they can also see the atmosphere of the Volvo S80L.

And the closeness of these niche models is not only reflected in the popularization of advertising. The pro-civilization of the financial policy is to allow more people to enjoy the quality of life of luxury cars in advance. After luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi were enjoying financial policies, Volvo and MINI began to collect more owners under the name of finance. MINI launched the "02" and "85" plans. Young MINI racers only need to pay down half of the car's funds. They don't need to worry about loans for interest within one year. Volvo also breaks down the bottom line -- only a down payment of 25%. You can drive any Swedish safe car (except XC60).

“Among the 10 car owners, at least six people were purchased using financial policies.” The general manager of Sanhe Volvo told Chengdu Daily News. Although the construction of the airport road had a certain impact on the sales volume of Sanhe Volvo, the launch of the financial policy in May also brought many customers to Sanhe Volvo.

Grab Chinese cake

Learning from big brands directly joins “Chinese”

Jaguar Land Rover’s large-scale adjustment of its business strategy in China is due to the rapid growth of the Chinese market.

Land Rover Chinese officials announced at the 40th Anniversary celebration of Land Rover Range Rover that Land Rover had only a few hundred units of sales in 2003 when it entered the Chinese market. In the first half of this year, Land Rover’s sales in China have broken through 10,000, up from a year earlier. 135%, the Chinese market has grown into the third largest market for Land Rover in the world. Jaguar also achieved 100% sales growth in the first half of this year.

It is now another new consideration for Jaguar Land Rover to taste the sweetness of the Chinese market by cooperating directly with Chinese companies to manufacture domestic models.

According to foreign reports, Tata has officially announced that Jaguar Land Rover is negotiating with China Motor Corporation to discuss the future joint venture production of Jaguar Land Rover in China. According to the report, Tata Motors will first produce Land Rover models in China in an assembled manner. After that, the two brands will eventually be merged and the joint venture will be fully realized with an annual production capacity of up to 40,000 cars.

Although Chery Automobile and Land Rover China both refused to make such statements. “Jaguar Land Rover China Sales Co., Ltd. will assume the investment mission in the Chinese market in the future.” Rudolf’s statement made Jaguar Land Rover’s factories in China more plausible.

Analysts believe that Chery's intent to hand Jaguar Land Rover is no groundless, and the cooperation with Jaguar Land Rover is a good choice for Chery. The successful cases of BYD and Mercedes-Benz, Geely's acquisition of Volvo and BMW Brilliance's BMW have also provided Chery with an example of its own brand to use external forces to enter the high-end.

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