With the depletion of world oil resources, the power source of automobiles will have to gradually break free from the constraints of petroleum resources and adopt some new energy sources. This directly promotes a major technological revolution in the automotive industry. In the future, new energy vehicles will replace traditional automotive trends. Become inevitable.

Power lithium battery, as the "heart" of new energy vehicles, will also develop rapidly, and will give birth to a huge industrial economic effect, and its huge market space is generally optimistic about the industry.

Annual production of new energy vehicles will reach 1 million in 2012

According to the “China New Energy Auto Industry Analysis and Investment Consultation Report for 2008-2010” released by the China Investment Advisor, it is expected that by 2012, the annual output of new energy vehicles will reach a combination of China’s energy resources and international automotive technology trends. 1 million vehicles, and it is estimated that by 2025, China's ordinary gasoline vehicles will only account for 50% of the passenger vehicles. Newer energy vehicles such as advanced diesel vehicles, gas vehicles and biofuel vehicles will rapidly develop.

Li Shengmao, analyst of China Investment Advisor Automobile Industry, also expects that by 2012, the annual output of new energy vehicles will reach 1 million, and the cost of each new energy automobile battery will be 70,000 yuan. The positive lithium iron phosphate material of power lithium battery is 52 kilograms. With 41 kg of anode material and 40 kg of electrolyte, 1 million hybrid vehicles will drive 52,000 tons of cathode material, 41,000 tons of anode material, and 40,000 tons of electrolyte. For domestic battery manufacturers, this will be a big cake with a total output value of 70 billion yuan. If calculated by bus, this value will also increase by three times.

“By benefiting from the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the future market size of power lithium-ion batteries will grow at a rapid rate. The global lithium-ion battery market will grow at a CAGR of 54.2% from 2010 to 2018, and will reach US$16 billion by 2018.” Ping An Securities analyst report pointed out.

Power lithium battery will show explosive growth

At present, in the domestic market, the sales volume of power lithium batteries is still very low. The sales revenue of lithium batteries mainly comes from the small lithium battery fields such as mobile phones and computers. However, a pure electric vehicle is about 10,000 times the consumption of a single mobile phone battery. With the gradual maturity of new energy vehicles in the future, it is bound to drive the explosive growth of power lithium batteries. The optimistic outlook for the development of power lithium batteries has also driven the fiery market investment. Recently, in the A-share market, listed companies related to lithium-ion batteries such as Shanshan Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Cathay Pacific, Desai battery and Chengfei integrated have performed more actively.

It is understood that lithium batteries can become the direction of industrial development, mainly based on its own characteristics. First, it has a high energy density. Lithium-ion batteries weigh half as much as nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries of the same capacity. They have a volume of 40-50% of nickel-cadmium and 20-30% of nickel-hydrogen. Second, they can achieve high levels of energy. Voltage, a lithium-ion battery unit operating voltage of 3.7V (average), equivalent to three series of nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries; at the same time, lithium battery physical, lithium-ion batteries do not contain such as cadmium, lead, mercury , is considered as a non-polluting battery. In addition, the wide application of lithium batteries and large market capacity are the main reasons why companies are keen to invest.

Policy support to attract capital to power lithium battery

Support at the national policy level is also an important reason for attracting capital to power lithium batteries. In January of this year, China’s relevant departments issued the “Circular on Launching Pilot Projects for Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Demonstration and Promotion”. In June this year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly released the Implementation Regulations on New Energy Vehicle Subsidies ( "Notice on Launching Subsidy Pilots for Private Purchases of New Energy Vehicles", and launched pilot private subsidies for new energy vehicles in Shanghai, Changchun, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Hefei. The promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, which both usher in a good opportunity for the development of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, but also for the power lithium-ion battery business has brought good news.

Recently, the Yangtze River Ice, Planning Division of the National Energy Administration revealed that the emerging energy industry development plan is being submitted to the State Council for approval in accordance with relevant procedures. It is estimated that during the planning period of 2011-2020, an accumulated investment of five trillion yuan will be added, and the annual output value will increase by 1.5 trillion yuan.

According to market analysis, as much as RMB 5 trillion in huge investments will boost the development of emerging energy-related industries, and the development of new energy vehicles will also be a golden historic opportunity. The entire industrial chain of new energy vehicle power batteries will also benefit from this. This is a huge commercial cake for battery raw material suppliers and manufacturers, and its "money scene" is incalculable.

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