The main content of commercial negotiations is the four major items of price, delivery date, payment method and guarantee conditions, and the price factor is the focus of negotiations. In commercial negotiations, the quotation is an essential central link. Then, which is the party? Should quotations be quoted first? Good quotations or good quotations? Are there any other quotations?

Below, we discuss these issues in detail.

In accordance with established practice, the initiating commercial negotiators should first quote, bidders and tenderers should be reported by the bidder first, sellers and buyers should be reported by the seller first. The benefits of the first quotation is to be able to influence, restrict each other, put the business Negotiations are limited to a certain framework. On this basis, an agreement is finally reached. For example, if you offer a price of 10,000 yuan, then it is very difficult for an opponent to expect a counter-offer of up to 1,000 yuan. Clothing vendors in some areas in the south mostly use the first quotation. The method, and the price they quoted, generally exceeds the price one or more times the price the customer intends to pay. If a shirt is sold for 60 yuan, the vendors will be happy, but they will be quoting for 160 yuan. Considering few people Embarrassed to negotiate a price of 60 yuan, so only one person would be willing to negotiate on the basis of 160 yuan in a day. Vendors would be able to profit and make money. Of course, the seller must first offer a “degree”, not to ask for price, and make the other party disdain. Negotiations - If you ask the market how much hawker eggs cost 1 pound, and the hawker responds with 300 yuan and 1 pound, will you still bargain to negotiate with him? The first quotation is good, but it also leaked some intelligence. The other party listened After, you can put the hearts hidden and not reported price comparison, and then make adjustments: the right to strike a bargain, it does not, use a variety of means to bargain.

When the famous American inventor Edison was an electrician at a company, one of his inventions was patented. The manager of the company told him that he was willing to buy the patent and asked him how much money. At the time, Edison thought: Just sell it. The 5,000 US dollar is very good, but he did not say it, just supervise the manager and said: "You must know that my invention patent rights to the company's value, so the price still ask yourself to speak!" Manager quote Road: "How about 400,000 yuan, how?" What can be done? Negotiations, of course, are completed without cost. Edison therefore receives an unexpectedly large sum of money, which provides funds for future inventions. Both the post-quote and the post-quote have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the business negotiations, it is decided whether to “take the lead” or choose “to postpone attack.” It must be handled flexibly according to different situations.

In general, if you are prepared enough to know yourself, you must strive to get a quote first; if you are not a connoisseur, and the other is, then you have to calm down, after the quote, get information from the other party's quotes, and correct their own ideas; if you The business negotiation opponent is an amateur, then, whether you are an "inner" or "an amateur", you must first offer, and strive to contain and induce each other. The sophisticated marketers in the free market, most of them know this way. When the customer is a shrewd When they were housewives, they took the technique of first quoting and prepared the other to lower the price; when the customer was a snarky young man, they mostly asked the other party “given how much,” because the other party may report a more than the expectations of the vendors. High prices.

The first quotation and the latter quotation are strategic problems, and some special quotation methods involve the problems of language expression skills. The same is the quotation, the use of different expressions, the effect is not the same, the following examples illustrate. Provincial insurance companies to mobilize liquefied petroleum gas users to participate in insurance, publicity said: Participation in liquefaction gas insurance, only pay one yuan a day insurance, if you encounter an accident, you can get up to 10,000 yuan in insurance compensation. This statement, used It is a method of “dividing quotes”. It is a price decomposition technique. Dividing the concept of the quantity or time of use of a commodity, and dividing the price of a commodity, it is a price quotient with a very small number, so that the buyer is not Low prices produce a cheap, inexpensive feeling. If you pay 365 yuan a year, the effect will be much worse. Because people think 365 is not a small number. Use "division method" to say that every day One dollar, people sound psychologically easy to accept.

From this I want to open, since there is a "division quotation method", there will be "additional quotation method." Sometimes, fear that high prices will scare away customers, put the price into several levels gradually proposed to make a number of quotes, and finally The sum is still equal to the original high price that you would like to report once.

For example, a stationer sells a set of pen and ink to the artist. If he pays a high price once, the artist may not buy it at all. But the stationer can first report the price and the asking price is very low; after the transaction, he can talk about the price of the ink and the asking price is not high; After pens are sold, after ink is sold, they will talk about paper prices, talk about prices, and raise prices. Artists have already bought pens and inks, and naturally want to “support Jackie Chan” and cannot afford to give up paper and gongs. This is difficult in commercial negotiations. Make a concession on the price.

With the "Additional Quote Method", sellers rely on the fact that most of the goods sold are of a series combination and matching nature. Once the buyer buys the component 1, it is not possible to cut off the components 2 and 3. For this situation, as a buyer, Before the commercial negotiation, it is necessary to consider the serialization characteristics of commodities, and to discover the seller’s attempt to “add quote” in a timely manner in the commercial negotiations, and defeat this “tempting”.

A good salesman, when he meets customers, rarely asks directly: “What price do you think?” Instead, he will silently say: “I know you are an expert and experienced, and won’t give you 20 yuan at all. The price, but you can't buy it for 15 yuan." These words seem to be fluently quoted, but in fact it is a quotation, and the price of the phrase is limited to the range of 15 to 20 yuan. In the method, both the high limit and the low limit are reported. “Catch two ends and discuss the middle” conveys the message that bargaining is permissible, but must be within a certain range. For example, in the above example, the bargaining will be negotiated. The range is set between 15 and 20 yuan.

In addition, the commercial negotiators sometimes do not offer the quotation first because of their own intentions. At this time, it is necessary to adopt the “aggressive law” to let the other party offer the quotation first. There are many ways to motivate the raid. There is only a weird way here - deliberately wrong. Then, in order to set out the other's message intelligence.

If both sides do not want to quote before they go around, then, you may wish to suddenly say: "Hey! I know, you must want to pay 30 yuan!" The other side may argue at this time: "What do you say? I'm only willing to pay $20." He justified this and actually paid the price first, and you could negotiate on this basis.

From the above narrative, it can be seen that the quotations in commercial negotiations are similar to the pricing of commodities. In some respects, it can be said that the quotations in commercial negotiations are a disguised commodity pricing, so they are quoted in commercial negotiations. Techniques can learn from the methods and strategies of commodity pricing.

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