According to the research results of the China Wind Energy Solar Energy Resources Assessment Center of China Meteorological Administration, the potential development of wind power in China is 2.38 billion kilowatts, which is much higher than the 200 million kilowatts of offshore wind power.

The China Meteorological Administration's Wind Energy Solar Resource Assessment Center passed 400 specialized wind measuring towers and used a numerical simulation evaluation system to measure wind power in China's land and sea areas for areas with a height of 50 meters and a wind power density of more than 300 watts per square meter. Potential developments were 2.38 billion kilowatts and 200 million kilowatts, respectively. The results of this detailed investigation and evaluation of wind energy resources do not support the view that people generally believe that offshore wind energy resources are more abundant.

The reporter learned that offshore wind power measures wind energy resources with a water depth of 2 to 25 meters, and this area is an ideal area for the construction of tidal flat wind farms and offshore wind farms in the intertidal and subtidal zones.

It is understood that the most developed offshore wind power in China is Jiangsu Province, which is mainly distributed on the eastern coast of the province, including land, intertidal zone and offshore. The goal of Jiangsu Province is to achieve 10.75 million kilowatts of installed capacity by 2020. In April last year, the National Energy Administration requested coastal provinces, districts and cities to formulate plans for the development of offshore wind power in the region, and proposed offshore wind power development plans to be carried out in the near future, and selected several offshore wind farms with installed capacity of 1,000 megawatts or more. Site, phased construction. On May 18 of this year, the concession bidding for China's offshore wind power was officially launched. A total of 1,000 MW wind farms in Binhai, Sheyang, Dafeng, and Dongtai in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province were opened in August.

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