The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the “Recommissioning Plan for Internal Combustion Engines” and determined that the remanufacturing production capacity, enterprise scale, and technical equipment of the internal combustion engine industry will be significantly improved by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period.

The plan proposes that by the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the entire industry will form 350,000 sets of remanufacturing production capacity for various types of internal-combustion engines, 6-8 machine-remanufacturing enterprises with a size of more than 30,000 units, and the entire scale of 30,000 units. There are more than 6 remanufacturing enterprises, more than 30 large-scale supporting enterprises for key components such as supercharger, generator, starter, oil pump, fuel pump, and water pump. Established a number of demonstration projects for the remanufacturing of internal combustion engines such as passenger cars, medium and heavy commercial vehicles , construction machinery, agricultural machinery, power generation equipment, ship power, petroleum machinery, and railway locomotives.

According to the plan, remanufacturing demonstrations will be carried out mainly in the medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle engines , passenger car engines and other areas in the demonstration project of the entire engine and key parts remanufacturing. In the key component remanufacturing demonstration project, demonstrations are mainly conducted in the fields of supercharger, generator, starter, oil pump, fuel pump, and water pump.

The internal combustion engine is the dominant driving force for transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and national defense equipment. China has become a major producer of internal combustion engines in the world. The industry expects that with the steady progress of the plan, related listed companies such as Weichai Power, Yunnei Power, Weifu Hi-Tech, and One Trailer Shares will receive policy support.

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