The current commodity market is developing rapidly, the market has become more and more changeable, and the ever-changing market has higher requirements for filling machine technology. If you want to develop better, meeting the market's standards is the basic of survival.

The filling machine is mainly a small class of products in the packaging machine. It can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, and grain filling machine from the perspective of the packing of materials; it comes from the automation degree of production. It is divided into semi-automatic filling machines and automatic filling production lines.

First, it is more adaptable to product changes. Since the life cycle of the filling machine product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, an expensive packaging line must allow the size of the package to be changed within a certain size range to accommodate the frequently changing product.

Second, arrange production based on market demand. With the development of modern society, people's demand for product packaging is getting higher and higher, and more and more personalized. Filling machine companies must seize market trends and produce products that customers are satisfied with.

Third, technology has become a key element in winning corporate competition. At present, the development of the world's advanced filling machines has shown the trend of integration of machines, electricity, gas, liquid, optics, magnetism, and production. The high efficiency of production, the recyclability of energy-saving products, the use of high-tech technologies, and intelligentization Has become a trend, this should also be the mainstream direction of liquid filling machine in China.

Filling machines are necessary packaging machines in many industries. Benefiting from the development of other industries, they also bear the pressure from the progress of the industry. In the future development of the industry, the filling machine will transform the pressure of the industry into a driving force for progress, go all out to meet the market demand, and provide customers with professional services.

Yuchai Diesel Generator sets


1. Your reliable & safety power 

2. open type, silent type

3. big brand makes high quality products 
4. 18kva to 2500kva 

Yuchai Diesel Generator

1. Engine partner: Perkins, Cummins, volvo, doosan, Shangchai, Wudong...

2. Professional quality control

3. Alternator partner: Stamford, Engga, Marathon...
4. High tech testing facilities

Diesel generator set with Yuchai engine

Engine: YUCHAI

Alternator: Stamford, Marathon, Engga, Megaton etc.

1.Water cooled systerm
2. AC 3 phase

3. Brushless, self-exciting, 

4. Anti-vibration isolaters
5. Good at industrial and telecommunications power applilcations
6. Reliable and security power, 

8. Control Panel: Smartgen, Deepsea,ComAp

YUCHAI Diesel Genset

Yuchai Engine Diesel Generator

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