The 400,000 diesel engine project jointly built by Foton Motor and Cummins Inc. was officially put into operation in Beijing yesterday. By replacing the new Cummins 2.8L and 3.8L light-duty diesel engines produced by the project, Foton Motor will upgrade its products and accelerate the expansion of the international commercial vehicle market. Together with the existing 200,000 capacity Olympian engine project and the planned 300,000 direct-injection gasoline engine project, Foton Motors is aiming to build its largest global engine production base with an annual output of 1 million units in Beijing. near.

In March 2008, Foton Motors and Beijing Cummins set up a joint venture to establish Beijing Futian Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., and began construction of 400,000 light diesel engine projects. The two parties to the joint venture will invest in proportion of 50:50 and the total investment will exceed 2.7 billion yuan. The 2.8L/3.8L diesel engine that Cummins injected into the joint venture company can meet the national III, national IV and higher emission standards and is widely applicable to vehicles such as light trucks, China Cards, light passengers, pickup trucks, MPV utility vehicles, and SUVs. Small construction machinery, small generator sets, etc.

It is reported that the first batch of Futian Cummins joint venture engines will be the first to match Futian Ouma light trucks, the main domestic high-end market and international markets. The upgraded light truck model has sold 10,000 cars at home and abroad in 2009. In addition, Foton MPV, Auman Heavy Trucks, Euro V buses, etc. can be used to retrofit two Cummins engines in the future and sold overseas as global models. Foton Motors said that meeting the emission standards of developed countries and the world-class power performance will enable Foton Motors' vehicles to gain access to overseas markets.

As the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, Foton Motors has planned to reach the target of 8 to 1 million vehicle sales in 2010, of which the overseas market sales ratio will reach 20%. To this end, Foton Motor has formulated a clear international strategy.

At the launching ceremony yesterday, Foton Motor also signed the "European V Product Technology License Agreement" with Cummins, and signed a memorandum of cooperation on the product development of Euro V emission standards. The relevant person of Foton Motor stated that at present, the research and development of engines for European V and Euro VI emission standards has been put on the agenda. The signing of this agreement marks that Foton Motor has already completed the technical reserves of Euro V and Euro VI emission standards. To meet the needs of future development, especially the international market.