Recently, the Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said that the State Council has officially approved a new round of demonstration projects for new energy vehicles. The Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are working on the implementation rules, which will be officially launched in the near future.
According to the news, the main contents of the new round of new energy vehicle demonstration and promotion programs include: demonstration of new energy vehicles, establishment of pilot areas with pilot cities as the core, expansion of radiation coverage, acceleration of the promotion of pure electric vehicles, and acceleration of subsidies. The implementation of the power, hybrid vehicles to promote the country, financial support for charging station facilities.
From the subsidy method, this round of new energy subsidy policy is mainly based on the pilot city, changing the original financial fund subsidy method, directly distributing the subsidy to the production car enterprises, promoting the hybrid bus to the whole country, and simultaneously charging the station. Construction for financial subsidies. The pilot cities need to meet some of the conditions set by the four ministries to become pilot cities. One of the conditions is that the pilot cities need to ensure that the cars produced in the field are sold in the local market.

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