Shopping malls such as the battlefield. On the battlefield, if one party can grasp the latest developments of the other party and take corresponding countermeasures accordingly, it will be able to grasp the initiative of the preemptive strike when the two armies are against each other and lay the foundation for the final victory. This is what we often say "knowing ourselves and knowing each other can be a battle." This principle also applies to the battle for competition in the offshore engineering equipment construction market.
At present, the industry has reached a consensus that the competition in the ship and offshore market will be mainly technical competition. Whoever has occupied the commanding heights of technology will have more market initiative and voice. It is precisely because of this that Singapore ship companies have studied and analyzed the future market trends and the development of related companies in China and Korea, and decided to enter the field of newer drilling platforms and drilling ship construction to consolidate their The dominant position of the international offshore market. This move is the key to the future market competition, it can be described as "high"!
It is true that compared with Singaporean companies, China's shipbuilding enterprises still have a big gap in terms of the technical level of offshore engineering equipment and project management experience. However, does this mean that we can only follow behind the Singapore shipping companies and become their followers? Not also! Historical experience tells us that as long as we grasp the market's future trends, fully understand the actual situation of the company and the gap with its competitors, and through continuous innovation and continuous improvement of its own strength, it can also achieve "latecomers". This has been fully proved by the Japanese auto industry catching up with the US, "Apple" mobile phone beats the old mobile phone manufacturers Nokia and Motorola.
It can be seen that if Chinese shipbuilding enterprises want to realize the "overtaking" dream in the offshore industry, they first need to understand the future development trend of this market and the latest trends of competitors. Then, according to their own characteristics, they will formulate long-term development strategies and find out the breakthrough. Direction and put it into action. Only in this way can we become a leader from the market's followers and gain more initiative, so as to achieve the goal of “one hundred wars” and achieve sustainable development.

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