"Top 100", a loud name, is also the honor of major companies. Entering the top 100 in the industry is not only a symbol of a company's strong power, but also a force that boosts the company's ability to develop new businesses. On September 12, 2013, the "2013 China International Auto Parts Development Summit Forum" was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. At the same time, "2013 China Auto Parts Enterprises Top 100" and "2013 International Auto Parts Enterprises Top 100 List" On time.

Two hundred strong under loud cries

Xin Ning, vice president of China Automotive News, said that the top 100 parts and components companies list is a daunting task for the layout of the previous summit, and it is also the appeal of many parts and components companies. China’s Auto Newspaper Co., Ltd. took the initiative in a true, accurate, and cautious manner. With this responsibility, the launch of the Top 100 list is of great significance for China's independent parts and components companies to benchmark international companies and find technological gaps.

At the summit forum, representatives from parts and components companies stated that they are very much looking forward to a list of domestic and foreign parts and components companies that have not been subject to any subjective intention and are selected on the basis of objective facts. Only in this way can they effectively reflect the company’s Competing strength, showing the world auto parts industry pattern, giving enterprises their own positioning and adjusting strategic layout with accurate reference information.

"China has become the world's largest automotive market, but our understanding of its own market is not yet thorough." Zhang Yanwu, director of the Parts Business Department of China Automotive News, said at the forum. He also said that because of this, the launch of the Top 100 list appears to be more timely and necessary. The Double Top 100 list is based on the business revenue of each company in 2012. The selection process has undergone extensive data collection and verification to ensure the accuracy of the participating data.

6 Chinese enterprises enter the international list

In the “Top 100 Chinese Auto Parts Enterprises 2013” ​​list, 100 companies such as Weichai Power were included in the list, and most of these 100 companies have always become key businesses with key automotive power. Among them, there are 9 engine companies, 11 axle companies, 5 transmission companies, 8 tires and wheel hub companies, and 41 listed companies.

In the list of “2013 Top 100 Auto Parts Enterprises” list, parts and components companies in traditional automobile powers such as Germany, Japan, and the United States occupy most of the quota. Among them, Bosch (German), Denso (Japan) and Continental Group (Germany) ranked the top three, while PPG Industries (USA) ranked last with 1.78 billion U.S. dollars in operating income, and 1.78 billion U.S. dollars was also selected as the list. The minimum condition.

Among the six China's parts and components companies listed on the Top 100 list, Weichai Power ranked 24th on the annual operating revenue of US$6.77 billion, Yuchai ranked 34 on the US$6.7 billion, and Zhongce Rubber ranked 36.69. Billion-dollar was ranked 57th. Johnson Electric (Hong Kong, China), Linglong Tire and CITIC Dica were ranked 89, 96 and 98 respectively. Zhang Yanwu said: "It is worthy of industry attention that companies such as Fuyao Glass, FAW Xichai, Lingyun, and Wanxiang Qianchao are very close to the top of the international top 100 list. The gap between these companies' operating revenues and the 1.78 billion US dollars selection threshold last year is not. Big, the future will also have the opportunity to enter the top 100 international list."

How to take the top 100

Judging from the operating performance of domestic companies in the first half of this year, it is highly probable that more Chinese companies will appear in the top 100 international companies next year. Despite this, we should also clearly recognize the gap between domestic parts companies and international companies. Judging from the list, most international parts and components companies have high technological content and strong core competitiveness, while the gap between domestic parts and components companies is still relatively large. When China became the world's largest auto market, why didn't a world-renowned Chinese auto parts company come to the top of the world's auto market?

Zhang Yanwu said that most of the companies that are shortlisted in the Top 100 Global List are relying on the strength of the domestic automobile industry to conduct a global layout. Among them, European and American companies are "loose", many companies are independent suppliers, relying on a strong automotive industry system and long-term accumulation, have a more complete supply system. Japanese and Korean companies are "closely-connected," and the companies themselves and the vehicle companies have "bundled" to develop. They have built a global layout based on the strategy of the automakers and rapidly carried out industrial upgrading. Driven by this model, the Toyota Group has created electricity. With the top 100 companies such as Aisin, Aisin Seiki, and Toyota Textile, Hyundai has created top 100 companies such as Mobis, Voyager, Mando, and Paotai.

Zhang Yanwu said: "At present, China's spare parts enterprises are in a completely different environment from the environment in which the top 100 international companies have developed rapidly. China is a latecomer in the automotive industry, and the auto parts industry is completely open. For example, the development model of European and American parts companies is more applicable to China than the Japan-South Korea model."

The auto parts industry is a technology-intensive industry. Only by correctly grasping the direction of development that promotes the degree of specialization, can companies achieve a faster development by persisting in the upgrading and progress of technology. Zhang Yanwu finally stated that Bosch’s R&D investment last year accounted for 8% of total operating revenue, 9.2% for Denso, and 10% for Delphi, while R&D input for most parts and components companies in China was only 3%-5% of total operating revenue. Some are even less than 1%. Therefore, China's spare parts enterprises must dare to increase investment in technology research and development and enhance their product innovation capabilities.

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