IV car sales boosted the car market to grow slightly Affected by the Beijing V emission standard implemented on February 1, the Beijing Auto City will usher in a promotional period for a national IV vehicle, which will drive the auto market to grow slightly.

Yan Jinghui, deputy general manager of the Beichen Yayuncun Automotive Trading Market Center in Beijing, said that due to the early release of demand for some cars on the eve of the Spring Festival, and the New Year’s Eve until the third day of the year (ie February 9 to February 12), the Beijing auto market was closed from the fourth quarter ( From February 13th to July 7th (that is, February 16th), these days, during the Spring Festival, consumers are still mainly looking at cars and choosing cars. The actual rate of car purchase is very low.

"Since the manufacturers' promotional efforts during the holiday season are not large, and all major departments of the Spring Festival are on vacation, they cannot apply for temporary licenses. Under the influence of the new rules and regulations, consumers are generally concerned that there is no fine on the card, and these factors all affect the enthusiasm for buying a car. However, It is expected that during the first ten to fifteen months of the first month (ie February 19 to 24), with the resettlement of salespeople and the gradual arrival of models, new car sales will pick up and the used car market will pick up accordingly.” Yan Jinghui Analysis According to the report, in addition to the new rules and regulations, due to the implementation of the Beijing V emission standards, the State IV vehicles will be banned from selling after March 1. After the Spring Festival, an upsurge will be formed to promote the auto market to grow slightly.

On February 1 this year, Beijing took the lead in implementing the “Jing V” motor vehicle emission standards, and stopped accepting auto companies reporting light-duty gasoline models that met the fourth-stage standards, and stopped sales and registration of public transport and sanitation that did not meet the fifth-phase emission standards. Use Heavy-duty diesel vehicles; Starting March 1st, sales of light-duty gasoline vehicles that do not meet the fifth-stage standard will be suspended.

“Before the implementation of the Beijing V emission standard, the auto market as a whole is placid, but it is a big challenge for independent brands.” Yan Jinghui said that only 10% of the auto brands in the Beijing auto market are Beijing V standards. Including Chery, Geely and other independent brands of Beijing V models are very limited, and Lifan, Huang Hai and other brands have not even provided the Beijing V models that meet the standards.

“The competitiveness of self-owned brands is relatively weaker than that of joint-venture brands. If there is insufficient supply of models, the consumer’s choice is even lower. This is a big problem for dealers. It will be difficult to avoid the partial withdrawal of Beijing’s auto market. ."

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