Functional description:

The multifunctional vacuum Oil Purifier features small size, light weight, easy movement, low noise, long continuous working time, stable performance, and easy operation. It is the ideal for moisture, gas and impurity particles in the oil of fluids such as transformer oil, turbine oil, oil below 40#, and hydraulic oil in industrial and mining enterprises such as power plants, power stations, substations, electrical manufacturing plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical industries. equipment.

1, small size, light weight.

2. Utilizing vacuum oil inlet, a tubular rotating injector is installed to reduce the resistance, speed up the rotation speed, and increase the oil and gas separation effect.

3. Increased the function of regeneration and purification of deteriorating oil, increased the silicone oil purification system, and integrated silicone oil and impurity filtration. After lightly degraded transformer oil filters impurities, it undergoes adsorption regeneration of the silicone oil purifier. Make it meet the qualified oil standards.

4. There are two types of filter methods for the purifier: one is the traditional method of filtering oil—filter paper is used as the filter medium; the other method is the specially-made fine filter element that does not require filter paper as the Oil Filter medium.

5, a machine and more. When used on site, the existing oil-bearing equipment is used as a storage tank to allow the hot oil to circulate between the equipments, so that the three functions of oil filtration, regeneration, and hot oil circulation and drying are performed at the same time. Provincial workers and time-saving are indeed threefold.


Connect the inlet and outlet oil pipelines, connect 380V, connect the safety ground, check whether each circuit is connected securely, and whether the valves of each oil circuit are open, and then prepare the operation program after being prepared. Start the cooling water pump first, check whether the water circulation is normal, and then move the vacuum pump to make the oil in the vacuum pump run normally, and then make the vacuum pump run continuously. When the vacuum surface reaches the limit, the oil inlet valve can be opened. When the oil level is seen in the lower and inner windows of the vacuum cylinder, the oil discharge pump switch is started, the oil circulation filter starts the normal circulation of the impurity oil, and the heater switch is turned on. The water in the volatile oil is turned on. Copies. If there is a lot of water in the oil, the oil in the vacuum cylinder will increase. At this time, the degree of vacuum suitable for the air release control must be turned on. When the water content decreases, the air release valve closes after the oil float drops to make the vacuum reach the limit. At this time, attention should be paid to the reaction of each instrument. If the reading of the pressure gauge is greater than 0.3 MPa, it means that the filter paper in the filter has more impurities and needs to be replaced with new filter paper. After the work is completed, refer to the working principle and open the air release valve so that When the vacuum level reaches normal pressure, the oil in the cylinder is discharged, and the remaining oil is discharged from the oil drain plug to prevent it from being mixed with different types of oil in the next use. Pay special attention in the winter and put the water in the vacuum pump and in the water tank. , otherwise we must freeze the vacuum pump and the storage tank.

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