Blister Sealing Machine

Blister sealing machine applications

1.This series machine is suitalbe PVC,PET,PETG etc. blister packing, with paper, with paper card.

2.The machine is simple and conenient to operate and have high efficiency, is used to vacuum plastic packing of all calsses of toys,            stationery, batteries, foods, commodity, small tools, which can make the packed goods anti-damped, bright and clarity, finery,                    can  improve level of product.

Blister sealing machine features

1.suitable for plastic + paper. product packing machine .
3.produce several pieces in one time .
4.easy to operate .

Advantages of Blister sealing machine

1. This machine has introduced relay control system.

2. To operate for automatization, humanization, intelligentize

3. The machine can adjust the time o burning, settling, manipulator, vacuum generatort any moment

4. The machine has the conveyer belt to pack the goods directly.

5. The machine has installed crash stop switch on both side in order to operate conveniently.

6. The machine can auto-account the output.

Blister Sealing Machine

Blister Packaging Sealing Machine

Blister Sealing Machine

Blister Sealing Machine,Paper Card Blister Sealing Machine,Plastic Blister Sealing Machine,Blister Packaging Sealing Machine

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