On the morning of April 12, the Shaoyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau organized the “SY5250GJB3A (10 cubic meter concrete mixer truck)” scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting undertaken by Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. After questioning and serious discussion, the experts determined that the overall technology of the project ranks the leading domestic level.
With the development of the concrete market, customers are increasingly demanding transportation efficiency. However, the large amount of mixer trucks on the market currently have the disadvantages of non-compliance with national regulations, excessively high center of gravity, poor passability, and immature technology. To this end, Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. decided to develop a new type of 10-capacity mixer on the basis of the mature technology of the current 10-way mixer truck, which has both large stirring capacity, stable performance, and good passability to meet market demand.
The project has been officially launched since January 2009 and has undergone eight stages of design, trial production, testing, improvement, and production. The existing 10-party mixer truck has been equipped with a chassis to increase the wheelbase, optimizing the external dimensions of the mixer and increasing the size of the blades. Innovations such as spiral pitch and efficient wear technology. At present, the prototype of this project has been inspected by the National Bus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Xi'an Road Construction Machinery Testing Center. The main parameters are in compliance with the relevant standards, and the user's use reflects well, with obvious economic and social benefits.
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