Energy tension is a common problem faced by all humanity. Throughout the history of human development, every major advancement in civilization has been accompanied by the improvement and replacement of energy. At present, the world’s major energy producers and energy consumers are all studying the issue of sustainable energy development. History tells us that the improvement and replacement of energy technologies is a relatively slow process and needs to last for decades.

Energy goes from high carbon to low carbon and hopes to move towards carbon-free; from inefficiency to efficiency; from uncleanness to cleanliness; from fragmentation to concentration; from small to large scale; from never sustainable to sustainable. This is a historical trajectory of human energy development. What is more important is that in the process of energy development, humanity has also experienced a history of development from being unaware of conscious, never consciously to self-conscious, from passive to active. From the wood age to the coal age, people are passive and unconscious from the coal age to the petroleum age. How does the post-oil era change in the oil age? Humans are consciously and actively thinking about this issue. From a dialectical point of view, mankind is a consumer of energy and at the same time a producer of energy. Consumption and production are different components of a united body of energy and perform differently at different times. Therefore, saving energy means producing energy and improving energy production efficiency.

At the G-8 summit last year, President Hu Jintao announced on behalf of the Chinese government a new security concept on energy: First, it is necessary to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in energy development and utilization. Second, we must form an R&D and promotion system for advanced energy technologies. Third, we must maintain a sound political environment for energy security and stability. China’s first mid- and long-term energy development program has made an important statement of China's energy strategy for the past 20 years. It is “priority for energy conservation, efficiency-oriented, coal-based, diversified development, based on the domestic, foreign development, urban and rural planning, and rational layout. , relying on science and technology and innovation systems to protect the environment and ensure safety, provide a stable, economic, and clean energy guarantee for the comprehensive construction of a well-to-do society, and support the sustainable development of China’s economy with the sustainable development and effective use of energy.” We must not only Considering contemporary people's needs for energy, we must also consider the sustainable development of future generations. It is necessary to take a new road to industrialization and shorten the process of industrialization.

Energy conservation is our fundamental national policy and we must change our energy consumption concept. We must advocate reasonable consumption, scientific consumption, and saving consumption. In late April of this year, the State Council held three video-telephone conferences and pointed out that energy-saving emission reduction is a solemn promise to the people of the country and must be completed. In fact, this is the basic policy and determination of the Central Government. We must put our efforts to save energy and resources in a more prominent strategic position with the spirit of being highly responsible to the country and the people and being highly responsible to future generations.

Strengthening the development and utilization of renewable energy is the only way to deal with the increasingly serious energy and environmental issues, and it is also the only way for human society to achieve sustainable development. General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out at the science and technology conference last year that energy science and technology will further open up ways to resolve global energy and environmental issues. Renewable energy is an important strategic alternative energy source. It plays an important role in increasing energy supply, improving energy structure, ensuring energy security, and protecting the environment. The development and utilization of renewable energy resources is building a resource-saving society, an environment-friendly society and achieving sustainable development. Important strategic measures. This is the Chinese leadership's judgment and prediction of future energy sources. In order to implement the spirit of the Party Central Committee, the State Council made overall arrangements for China to develop alternative energy sources in November last year. It pointed out that in the development of alternative energy sources, traditional energy should be replaced by new energy, and scarce energy should be replaced by advantaged energy instead of renewable energy. The direction of fossil energy will gradually increase the proportion of alternative energy in the energy structure and strive to provide clean, economic, and safe energy protection for economic and social development.

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