“Language is very plain and content is very rich. Every word in the report has profound connotations!” Yesterday, Professor Zhao Lingyun, deputy head of the Hubei Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, made an assessment of the report of the conference when interviewed by reporters. .

He said that the 16,000-word report can be summed up with the words "inspiring and uniting people". Although he had already read the full report of the report before the conference, he had been widely asked for expert opinions, but he still could not hide his excitement and excitement.
Continuous, developed, inherited reports

Excerpt from the report: The establishment of an important strategic fulcrum to promote the rise of the central region requires us to work hard to build Hubei into an important advanced manufacturing base, a high-tech industrial base, a high-quality agricultural product production and processing base, a modern logistics base, and an integrated transportation hub in the central and even the whole country. Hubei has become an area with rich economic elements and full of innovative vitality. It has become an important platform for the development of modern service industries in the central region and has become an important growth pole for the rise of the central region.

Zhao Lingyun believes that the report closely integrates the central spirit with its own situation in Hubei Province and “will promote the rise of the central region as a fulcrum for the next five years. This is actually a pivotal point in the development and a new idea and a new idea for development in the pivot. ".

Zhao Lingyun believes that the report of the 9th Party Congress inherited and developed the spirit and major decisions of the past plenary sessions since the Eighth Party Congress. It was proposed that Hubei should take the lead in the development of the central and western regions. This time it proposed to take the lead in the development of the central region. Before the proposal was made to build several bases, this time it further clearly put forward four bases as a hub. There is also a harmonious Hubei. This time, the objectives, contents, and standards have been further clarified.

"So, this report has a very clear continuity, development and inheritance." Zhao Lingyun analyzed how to achieve a good and rapid development of the Hubei economy, the report carried out a comprehensive and profound exposition. “The report provides a scientific development pattern that includes issues concerning agriculture, rural areas, industrial development, service industry development, urban and rural coordination, regional coordination, giving full play to the advantages of science and education, strengthening independent innovation capabilities, protecting the environment, and ultimately implementing the scientific concept of development. All of them have been fully positioned and have established practical goals and tasks."

The "great openness" is essentially an open concept.

Excerpt from the report: Only under the conditions of open competition, independent innovation can be achieved faster and better; only under the conditions of open competition, companies can enhance their competitiveness and binding force; only under the conditions of open competition, can we achieve the first wealth After getting rich and eventually becoming prosperous, it is only under the conditions of open competition that financial resources can be strengthened as soon as possible, and the people’s livelihood issues facing them can be gradually solved.

To promote reform and promote development through openness. The presentation of the four “only talents...” to open competition in the report made everyone who listened to the report feel ups and downs.

Reading these imposing statements, Zhao Lingyun said with certainty: "This is actually asking us to get rid of the shackles of the old ideas and to meet new challenges with a new attitude."

Does opening mean simply opening up to the outside world and simply developing foreign trade and exchanges? Absolutely not. Zhao Lingyun analyzed that this opening, in essence, is a ideological "great openness" and is both open to the outside world and internal.

“The characteristics of central location in Hubei determine that we cannot fully develop foreign trade just like coastal cities. Therefore, we must go on the one hand and come in. On the other hand, we must also actively open up domestically and develop domestic markets, especially local indigenous resources, such as Our deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, such as labor transfer, etc."

The concept of “big openness” is the development of the “Open Pilot” strategy previously proposed by the Provincial Party Committee. “We put this concept in the documents of the Provincial Party Committee and mentioned that the Party Congress report is so high. This is the first time in our province.”

Zhao Lingyun said that this shows that our province has begun to focus on the development of "quality" and "speed".

Opening is to "go out"

Excerpt from the report: We must further improve and optimize the investment environment, strengthen the “big customs clearance” construction, expand the scale of foreign trade, and strive to transform the growth mode of foreign trade and promote economic restructuring and technological progress. We will broaden the use of foreign investment, expand the scale of foreign direct investment, and increase the quality and level of foreign capital utilization.

Implementation of the "going out" strategy, actively promote the development of enterprises in the province to overseas, and do a good job in the export of labor services. We will strengthen economic and technological cooperation with the southeast coastal regions and the central and western regions, and make new breakthroughs in undertaking industrial transfer, resource development, tourism development, and scientific and technological breakthroughs.

"The report of the Congress of the Party has placed greater emphasis on strategic opening. Two of the eight economic indicators involve openness to the outside world. It can be seen that the provincial party committee attaches great importance to expanding opening up." Party representative, director of the Provincial Department of Commerce Yin Hanning said after listening to the report of the party congress. "It is very good and it suits the actual situation in Hubei."

Yin Hanning said that taking openness as the key to development, first of all, it should be open from the perspective of guiding ideology. Hubei is an inland city. Due to historical reasons, it fell behind Guangdong, Shanghai and other coastal provinces and cities. Now with the economic development and industrial transfer, Hubei is facing unprecedented opportunities for opening up.

“Why Hubei is facing the best opportunities for opening up to the outside world.” Yin Hanning said that at the strategic level, at present, international capital and coastal industries have begun to transfer in the Mainland. As an important province in the central region, Hubei is facing opportunities to undertake international capital and coastal industries. "Accomplishing the two undertakings is an important measure for Hubei to expand its external and internal opening." He said that Hubei enjoys favorable conditions and opportunities for opening up in a strategic position.

"The report's emphasis on expanding opening up can also be seen in the indicators." Yin Hanning said that the report put forward eight economic indicators, including "by 2012, total import and export and actual use of foreign investment are expected to exceed 30 billion U.S. dollars and 60 respectively. Billion U.S. dollars, more than double the growth rate in 2007, are aimed at expanding opening up.

“The objectives set by the provincial party committee are very practical and very scientific.” The party representative and director of Wuhan Customs He Hekun said that Hubei’s export-oriented economic structure is very good. Through the opening up of the past few years, the total import and export volume reached US$17.4 billion in 2006. Compared to 2002, it has more than quadrupled.


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